CHIBOJI nasal aspirator is very easy to use. All parts are assembled together in the factory so you can start using it right out of the bag.

Step 1, Gently place the nasal bottle below one nostril.

Step 2, Hold the pull piston with one hand and pull up the pump with your fingers to start the vacuum. Repat this action 2-3 times until all the mucus is extracted.

Step 3, After the nasal wash, disconnect the nozzle tip and collection cup from the silicone tube and wash it with water.

Step 4, The silicone tube is not necessary to wash it as mucus will not enter the tube. You can still wash it with water or even disinfect it at 100°C. (The nozzle tip and collection cup can not be disinfected at 100°C.)

Step 5. Dry the parts with tissue or wait for them to dry.

Tip 1. We do not recommend to wash the air chamber. But if for any reason you decide to wash it, you should put edible oil to lubricate it as shown in the following video.

Tip 2. After a long time without using it, you can lubricate it with edible oil.

Tip 3. Please make sure the tube is dried before using it again to avoid the water entering into the air chamber.