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"Traditional nasal aspirators are unhygienic for mothers to use their mouths. Moreover, the straw goes deep into the infant's nasal cavity, causing Baby to shake his head and cry in fear. The effect is not good. Fortunately, many mothers on the Internet introduce this nasal aspirator. All the previous shortcomings have been improved", it is a great boon!"


"Unexpectedly, it works better than [Made in Japan] Nasal Aspirator". The husband who loves his baby always gives Xiaobao the best. Although the daily products cost 2,000 yuan, they always feel that it should be more expensive! Erran learned that this Taiwanese self-developed and locally-made nasal aspirator is easier to use and lighter than any imported products on the market (no plug-in/easy to go out). You can’t like this design after you buy it and use it! Proud of Taiwan"


"I have a close friend who married to the United States. Last month, I asked me to buy a nasal aspirator for my baby. I also specified the brand [CHIBOJI]. At first, I didn’t believe it. Then I Googled it and it really sucked my nose. The first place in online shopping for devices. The brand concept is very good. [When you know your mother], you know your parents’ kindness. The selling price is very friendly. Although it sells the best, the price is close to the people. It is really for the novice parents to think about the economy."